Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership

Towards high integrity carbon markets


We stress the importance of the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which has potential to enhance climate actions. We also recognize the need for capacity building in particular in developing countries for implementation of Article 6 and enhanced transparency framework under Article 13 in the Paris Agreement as well as to increase the readiness for accessing climate finance resources for private and public sectors to support national and global climate objectives and international cooperation.

In order to promote global emission reductions, early and steady implementation of a “high integrity carbon market” that ensures environmental integrity based on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement is key to further deepening reduction particularly in developing and emerging countries.

To this end, it is necessary to support capacity building for the countries and relevant stakeholders that implements the Article 6, and share the activities of international organizations, research institutions, private companies to identify issues and addressing them by collaborating and cooperating to resolve these issues.

This will promote the formation of higher quality emission reduction projects by utilizing high integrity credits to which corresponding adjustments are applied in accordance with the rules of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Areas of work

  • Facilitate understanding of A6 rules and linkages with NDCs
  • Share good practices of institutional arrangements
  • Conduct mutual learning and trainings for A6 reporting and review
  • Support baseline methodology (tool development, etc.)
  • Designing of high integrity carbon markets

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Countries, international organizations, research institutes, private sector and any other stakeholders who are willing to contribute to the areas of work are welcome to become a Partner of the Article 6 Implementation Partnership.