1st Authorization Working Group of the Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership

March 15th, 2023, from 20:00 to 22:30 JST (11:00 to 13:30 GMT)
March 17th, 2023, from 8:00 to 10:30 JST (March 16th 23:00 to March 17th 1:30 GMT)


  • Exchange information from partner countries and organizations involved in the authorization and institutional arrangements for Article 6
  • Promote the development of a tool for authorization


All partner countries and relevant partner organizations

Agenda of Mar. 15th and 17th (MC: Kentaro Takahashi, IGES)

Time (JST)AgendaSpeakers
15th: 20:00-20:05
17th: 8:00-8:05
IntroductionKazuhisa Koakutsu, MOEJ
Session 1: Information sharing on authorization from partner countries
15th: 20:05-20:20
17th: 8:05-8:20
Introductory presentation on authorization of Article 6Sana Lingorsky, UNFCCC Secretariat adobe PDF icon [PDF 152KB]
Video for Session 1 UNFCCC
15th: 20:20-21:00
17th: 8:20-9:00
Presentations on the status of and the efforts for authorization

Daniel Benefoh, Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana; adobe PDF icon [PDF 660KB]
David Newell, Swedish Energy Agency; adobe PDF icon [PDF 206KB]
Belal Shqarin, Ministry of Environment, Jordan; adobe PDF icon [PDF 710KB]
Simon Fellermeyer, Federal Office for the Environment of Switzerland adobe PDF icon [PDF 530KB]
Video for Session 1 on 15th

Cristina Figueroa Vargas, Ministry of Environment, Chile; adobe PDF icon [PDF 827KB]
Jason Paniu, Climate Change & Development Authority, Papua New Guinea;
Takayuki Shigematsu, MOEJ, Japan adobe PDF icon [PDF 1,000KB]
Video for Session 1 on 17th

15th: 21:00-21:15
17th: 9:00-9:15
Q&AAll participants
Session 2: Information sharing on authorization from supporting agencies
15th: 21:15-21:45
17th: 9:15-9:45
Presentations on authorization program for capacity buildingHari Gadde, World Bank adobe PDF icon [PDF 976KB]
Ximena Aristizabal, GGGI adobe PDF icon [PDF 1,000KB]
Video for Session 2 on 15th
17th: Alexandra Soezer, UNDP
Video for Session 2 on 17th
15th: 21:45-22:00
17th: 9:45-10:00
Q&AAll participants
Session 3: Discussion of the development of a tool for authorization
15th: 22:00-22:10
17th: 10:00-10:10
PresentationSadamitsu Sakoguchi, MOEJ adobe PDF icon [PDF 261KB]
Video for Session 3
15th: 22:10-22:20
17th: 10:10-10:20
DiscussionAll participants
15th: 22:20-22:30
17th: 10:20-10:30
Way forwardAll participants

Acronyms: IGES- Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; MOEJ-Ministry of Environment, Japan; UNDP- United Nations Development Programme, GGGI- Global Green Growth Institute